Center Programs

HBCU Center programs are designed to:


HBCUs as generators of research grounded in shared histories, missions, and goals


HBCU ecosystem stakeholders of capacity-building strategies that build upon institutional strengths, and


Higher education practices and policies for improved HBCU outcomes.

The HBCU Situations and Solutions Series

The Situations and Solutions Series will focus on single-topics that emerge from the HBCU field of practice or HBCU-centered research.  Led by a recognized expert, the purpose of the series is to identify and discuss how to effectively confront and resolve issues that are barriers to achieving institutional goals.

The HBCU Center Student Success Collaborative

The HBCU Student Success Collaborative's purpose is to develop HBCU-specific retention and degree completion strategies that are institution-affirming and asset-based; strategically leverage institutional resources to achieve optimal results and build HBCUs’ student success capacity; and promote HBCU collaboration.

The Collaborative overarching goals are to:

1. Create formal collaborative partnerships among institutions based on shared goals and challenges, student demographics, institutional size and scope

2. Build the capacity of direct student service providers (academic advisers, program administrators, etc.) to identify, develop, modify, and deliver empirically-based retention initiatives

3. Share student success assessment processes and models (including evaluation instruments, dashboards, and reports) that best capture and document HBCUs student success efforts.

4. Sponsor, conduct, and disseminate research related to student success at HBCUs.

The HBCU Center Reading Circle

The HBCU Center Reading Circle is organized around publications that provide insight and perspective of interest to The HBCU Center community.  An interactive dialogue facilitated through our community forum and other outlets (e.g., The HBCU Center podcast) permits meaningful discourse that has the potential to impact our practice, policy, and the higher education landscape.  Click here for information about the current reading.

Affiliate Opportunities


Research Affiliate Fellows

Research affiliates are graduate students whose research projects and interests are aligned with The HBCU Center’s missions and goals.  Research affiliates are appointed for one-year terms. 


Practitioner Affiliate Fellows

Practitioner affiliates are higher education professionals who are actively engaged in HBCU Center programs or initiatives. Practitioner affiliates are appointed for one-year terms.


The 2022- 2023 Fellows application will be available soon.