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Celebrating the Class of 2024: Congratulations from the Center for HBCU Research, Leadership, and Policy!

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Fellows 2023 Thank You

Check out the new blog post on "The Table" featuring 2023 HBCU Center Fellow Stephanie Tilley's Fulbright Journey in South Africa. 

My Fulbright fellowship research explores the practice and presence of Ubuntu pedagogy, a South African indigenous knowledge system, in South African higher education to support historically oppressed communities, with an emphasis on students and educators with tribal and Black origins. The foundation of my research centers on Diasporic Blackness which opens possibilities to build solidarities and enhance decoloniality, equity and social change. It is my professional goal to advance the literature surrounding Black and HBCU internationalism and contribute to educational practices in reimagining collegiate spaces for diverse students through progressive efforts such as the application of indigenous knowledge systems.

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Graduate Student Spotlight Nelson Pham

Congratulations to Nelson Pham on the Publication of his Op-Ed: 'Silenced Voices: Confronting Linguistic Discrimination and Cultural Erasure in Academia' in Diverse Issues in Higher Education

"Educational institutions have the opportunity to cultivate a genuinely inclusive environment that celebrates diversity in all its forms. In such an environment, every student will feel a sense of belonging and respect regardless of their linguistic or cultural background. This inclusive atmosphere will enable students to embrace and share their unique linguistic and cultural identities without fear of judgment or discrimination".

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