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Welcome to the Center for HBCU
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Dr. Carter sitting at her desk
Dr. Melanie Carter, Associate Provost & Director

The HBCU Center at Howard University recognizes the centrality of HBCUs to the higher education ecosystem. Whether public or private, comprehensive universities or small liberal arts colleges, located in small towns or urban centers, HBCUs have consistently served as incubators of Black achievement in the US and beyond. Collectively these institutions have educated a cacophony of teachers, scientists, politicians, physicians, nurses, engineers, social workers, and artists; nurtured generations of visionary entrepreneurs and leaders; cultivated graduates who founded and led large and small businesses, schools, non-profit, advocacy, and community-serving organizations; and produced thousands of global citizens who have impacted every nook and cranny of our nation. These institutions continue to bear fruits that shatter ceilings (glass and brick) and bear witness to the brilliance and resilience of Black people everywhere. 

The Center for HBCU Research, Leadership, and Policy emerges from the HBCU tradition of academic excellence and service demonstrated through impactful research, leadership development, and the generation of values and principles grounded in our lived experiences. Established by Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick in 2021, the Center seeks to serve as a generator and repository of empirical research that examines issues of significance to HBCUs through collaboration, advocacy, and a shared commitment to ensuring the 22nd century success of these storied institutions.

Our website serves as our virtual HBCU community platform. We will share information about our programs, disseminate research findings, connect higher education researchers and practitioners, and encourage a generative discourse that will influence practice and policy decisions. We’re excited about the opportunity to engage this work with you and hope you will visit our page and participate in our programs often.

Excellence in Truth and Service,

Melanie Carter

Associate Provost and Director