Lucy Diggs Slowe Institute

Lucy Diggs Slowe Institute

The LDS Institute is comprised of programs aligned with the work of Lucy Diggs Slowe during her tenure as Dean of Women at Howard University from 1922-1937. A recognized higher education trailblazer, Slowe’s visionary initiatives and advocacy challenged dominant notions about the centrality of field of Student Affairs and Student Affairs professionals to the overall collegiate experience.

LDS programs are designed to

  • 1. Examine issues that impact Black student development at HBCUs and beyond.

  • 2. Offer professional development programs that draw upon the expertise of Students Affairs professionals at HBCU and HBCU-ally institutions to identify and illuminate effective practices.

  • 3. Sponsor, conduct, and disseminate research specific to the field of Student Affairs at HBCUs.

  • 4. Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among higher education professionals and institutions.

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